Managed Print Services

MANAGED PRINT SERVICES (MPS)We provide active management and optimization of document output devices and related business processes. MPS are facilitated by key software applications including FM Audit and fall into one of four categories:

  1. Print management software to manage the volume and nature of print and authenticate users.
  2. Device management software to monitor and manage the print devices in an environment.
  3. Discovery and design software to analyze and plan for the change required in implementing a MPS.
  4. Scan routing software to route scans to various destinations including document storage, fax servers, network folders, email or workflows.



  • Free up your valuable IT staff resources for other productive uses
  • Administrators stop ordering, stocking & managing supplies
  • Simple billing with management reports and easy cost allocation
  • Minimize unexpected downtime, maximize enduser satisfaction
  • Minimize purchase order processing


  • Control and significantly reduce total per-page printing costs
  • No hidden fees: program includes everything except paper
  • Take advantage of redeployment opportunities to maxmize ROI
  • Reduce money typically spent to keep supplies on your shelves, keep it on our shelves = more cash on hand for other projects
  • Minimize or remove any supplies that become obsolete and have to be thrown away


  • New approach to acquiring/managing equipment: Buying Pages
  • Does not require any new hardware equipment purchases
  • Includes any combination of print consumables, maintenance, on-site break/fix support, printers, MFP’s, installation & training
  • Software to track print usage
  • Behavior modifcaton software
  • Dedicated 9 to 5 on-site technical staff provided, if applicable
  • Preventive maintenance to reduce downtime
  • One monthly invoice, one supplier, one budget
  • Daily management of toner and supplies